The health of your soil is a determining factor in the yield success of your crop. Save on unnecessary inputs by targeting applications only where needed and achieve greater and more consistent yields through our precision farming solutions.

The secret’s in the soil

Soil Sampling

The SoilEssentials pH soil sampling service uses GPS technology for a repeatable, accurate, and professional mapped job, managed and delivered by our own dedicated soil sampling team.

  • A complete, tailored, soil sampling, reporting and advisory service
  • 4 samples/ha as standard with grassland options available
  • Intensive sampling efficiently tracks variable pH levels to save on lime
  • Zone or field-based sampling for nutrients
  • Reports on all soil status, nutrients, pests and diseases
  • Analysis carried out with the SAC lab, or one of your choice
  • Reports delivered using our unique online mapping application, EssentialsMap

Soil Mapping

With our soil mapping service we will provide you with easy-to-understand field maps showing pH and nutrient variability. Variable Rate spreading files can then be easily created and emailed directly to your contractor.

Soil Scanning

A one-off soil conductivity map using our EMI scanning service assists in the creation of zone useful for Variable Rate seed applications, drainage and irrigation planning.

Online Reporting

All our soil sampling customers get free access to our EssentialsMap to view their results online in a user-friendly, intuitive way.  In this easy-to-use environment customers can also take advantage of the measuring tool, a very valuable addition to the overall picture.


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RTK correction

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Our EssentialsNet correction service is compatible across multiple brands and machinery. Improve the accuracy of your GPS system and increase efficiency in the field, across all crops and throughout the season.

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