Drone flying and the resultant images give the most detailed and comprehensive view of what is happening in a crop. Ideal for assessing performance in all aspects of production. Our team can fly our drones over your fields to create very high definition images which can then be viewed, analysed and used as a basis for applications in our cloud-based platform, KORE.

Last summer, as a result of a particularly dry spell, we had the additional opportunity to see field drains and areas of compaction on the land. Fields showing up crop marks that haven’t been seen for a generation. A drone flight can accurately record and map old drains, variability in soil textures and soil compaction, which can again, be viewed online through our award-winning cloud platform, KORE.

Below (right) is an example of a customer’s field drainage highlighting known and historic field drains. The first one is clearer and was known by the farmer, but the one that is cutting across the entire field is a much older one and had not previously been located.

By using uav (drone) imagery and our KORE mobile app it is very easy to track them down in location.

Our team can fly your fields if you are located in Scotland (please note: mileage costs will be incurred).

DIY Drone Imaging

Upload your own useful drone images (wherever you are), presented to you in an easy, understandable way through access to our online KORE precision farming platform. You can then monitor and analyse your crops’ performance in detail and even create variable rate application maps.

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Peter Chapman, South Redbog Farm

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Our EssentialsNet correction service is compatible across multiple brands and machinery. Improve the accuracy of your GPS system and increase efficiency in the field, across all crops and throughout the season.

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