SoilEssentials are developing cutting-edge technology across seven R&D projects , supported by Innovate UK and The European Space Agency, in collaboration with UK universities, research institutes and commercial companies.

We are looking for project partners to push the boundaries in Precision Agriculture and related industries. By bringing together the right people, incredible things can happen. Here’s an insight into current projects.

Innovation & Collaboration


SoilEssentials are leading the development of a novel biosensor system for immediate detection of potato late blight in the field.

SoilEssentials are working on BlightSense with commercial companies and researchers to create a sensor that detects active late blight as it occurs in a crop or across a region. We’re simultaneously developing new, on-line blight prediction software for agronomists and farmers. Combine the two and we will have a system that will allow better planning of blight control.


SoilEssentials are the lead partners in an innovative project that is evaluating soil quality using biological measurements. We’re aiming to launch a service which revolutionises soil sampling and supports long-term good soil management.

SoilEssentials are collecting thousands of soil samples across the UK for analysis by their project partners.  The soils go through the familiar routine analysis (pH, P & K) and are categorised by soil type, soil physics and field history. The James Hutton Institute have developed a novel means of measuring soil biology so that it, when combined with the other analyses, can be used as a measure of soil quality and potential crop yield.


Commercial and research partners are working with us on this innovative project, TuberZone. The project aims to deliver a crop model for producers to help predict yield and tuber size in seed potato crops.

SoilEssentials and their partners have been experimenting with different information including yield data, drone imagery, weather models and in-field digs to create the best advice on when and where to manage crops to maximise profit in potato production.


SoilEssentials are the lead partner in a project that is responding to the challenge to reduce herbicide application on grassland, while improving weed control. Our partners are experts in sensor development, while we contribute our experience in machine control and sprayer development.

We are developing a sprayer that can apply herbicide precisely where needed, focusing initially on dock control and clover protection in grassland. The lessons learned have practical applications in a range of crops where precise weed management is needed.

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