SoilEssentials are able to help arable farmers monitor and manage their crops, yields and margins through a whole suite of integrated technologies throughout the seasons.

It all begins with the fundamentals of the soil

There is nothing more fundamental than the pH of the soil.

  • Our Soil Sampling service targets pH in detail and uses smart technology to target other more expensive sampling
  • Our Soil Scanning service maps the texture of the soil and is often used as the basis for informed variable rate seed map production
  • Crops can then be remotely monitored through the growing season using our EssentialsMap cloud software. This produces satellite images of crops which show detailed variation in growth and can provide the basis for the creation of variable rate nitrogen plans
  • The EssentialsMap cloud software also has field-by-field weather records and predictions and can predict growth stage timings
  • For a more detailed analysis of what is happening within crops, drone flights can be made and the information viewed and shared on EssentialsMap¬†– a very useful tool in diagnosing crop issues

Add in guidance and steering for optimum impact and efficiency

Of course from the beginning to the end of the growing season, all tractors can have Trimble Guidance solutions installed and can connect to our EssentialsNet RTK correction service.

Making the most of harvest

Finally, you get to harvest the crop. With guidance and yieldmapping on your combine, harvesting becomes more easily managed. The resulting yield data can then be displayed alongside your soil sampling data in EssentialsMap. Then using our EssentialsAnalysis service, you can access not only a yield map, but also multi-year and profit analysis maps. Simple to install, simple to use and above all saving you money and time.


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RTK correction

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Our EssentialsNet correction service is compatible across multiple brands and machinery. Improve the accuracy of your GPS system and increase efficiency in the field, across all crops and throughout the season.

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