To help farmers maximise crop production, the modern agronomist needs to embrace the digital era. The team at SoilEssentials are perfectly placed to help you understand and make the most of these digital tools. Even better, they can deliver these measuring services, to both you and your clients, on KORE, a cloud-based platform.

Independent data that is easy to use and all in one place.

  • We can manage a soil sampling service particular to your requirements
  • Add to that, scanning, area measuring and yield mapping and you have a full traditional precision farming service at your fingertips
  • But it doesn’t stop there.¬†We then go beyond this with weather records both historic and predicted for every field, crop growth models, disease models, drone and satellite imagery along with research capability and we can put you right at the forefront
  • SoilEssentials create bespoke solutions and train and support both agronomists and users

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