Our award-winning EssentialsRootYield yield monitor creates the opportunity to make more informed decisions as it works in parallel with your harvesting operations. You can view your yields in real-time as EssentialsRootYield integrates seamlessly with the Trimble FmX® and TMX-2050 guidance displays while on the move.

‘If we are able to map crop output accurately, we can understand and gain knowledge on what is influencing any losses and therefore change the management techniques accordingly, such as varying seed spacing or not growing the crop at all in the worst areas.’ SoilEssentials customer

Would you like to weigh and yield map root crop and vegetable crops accurately and easily?

With a root yield map, both the area and magnitude of the yield loss are measured. This allows the grower to quantify how much the low yielding area has cost in lost income and if, therefore, it is worth addressing the underlying problem.

Crop trials are a great way to identify higher yielding varieties or try out different agro-chemicals and cultivation techniques on your own farm. However, the data has to be carefully analysed to ensure it’s valid. We can make sure that happens effectively and that you get the most out of your own crop trials.

  • Create the opportunity to make more informed decisions
  • Integrate seamlessly with Trimble displays*
  • Easily fitted after-market to all major makes and models of harvester
  • Two or four load cells to weigh the flow of the crops over a harvester
  • Tilt sensor corrects the mapped weight for the effect of slope
  • Data is saved onto a USB stick or the yield monitor can integrate with the Trimble FmX® and TMX-2050 – data is sent direct to the grower’s desktop for review
  • Winner of an RHASS Technical Innovation Award

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Peter Chapman, South Redbog Farm
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Peter Chapman, South Redbog Farm

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Our EssentialsNet correction service is compatible across multiple brands and machinery. Improve the accuracy of your GPS system and increase efficiency in the field, across all crops and throughout the season.

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