EssentialsAnalysis was introduced recently to make more effective use of current and historical post-harvest yield maps to allow growers to understand crop yields better and deliver that information in a very visual and easy-to-follow format.

“The benefits of EssentialsAnalysis to me are being able to see this year’s yields displayed alongside the ‘normalised’ multiyear report. This shows if there were any areas which performed below their long-term potential and which might require further investigation. The normalised multiyear report would be a great starting point for creating a variable seed rate map.” SoilEssentials customer

Do you have years of yield maps gathering dust?

Many growers have several years of yield maps from combine and potato harvesters gathering dust and not being used to improve crop performance. SoilEssentials can take your yield data from any type of harvester, clean it up to remove bad data and create maps to both highlight within-field variability and differences within-farm variability.

  • Create valid yield maps from your files
  • Understand more about the long-term performance of your fields to manage them more effectively and efficiently
  • Gain the knowledge to improve crop performance by seeing within-field and within-farm variability
  • By identifying the underperforming areas of each field, it helps you address the cause of low yield and what you can do about it

Online Reporting

All our EssentialsAnalysis customers have initial discussions with our GIS Analyst and afterwards get free access to our EssentialsMap, our user-friendly, intuitive online web environment to view reports.

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Hugh Black, J & R Black

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New Trimble GFX-750 display

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Want to start the New Year with some new kit? Talk to us about the display best suited to your needs (Northern UK area) - call 01356 650459.

Free soil sampling for soil health project

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Free soil sampling for soil health project

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As part of a soil health project we are actively looking for fields to sample across the UK - at no cost to the farmer - for pH, P, K, Mg, Ca, Na and C%. Contact us on 01356 650459 to get involved.