An online mapping system to manage spacial farm data such as GPS soil sampling.

EssentialsMap, an online mapping tool from SoilEssentials.

Clear and simple to use. Very helpful to see all the fields that have been sampled and when, even previous years, on the one page. SoilEssentials customer

We developed EssentialsMap, a web application that enables online mapping to improve reporting of soil sampling results. Its success warranted continual development and the version now available has many new features and an improved, intuitive workflow. The App gives you the ability to find all sampling results quickly and easily, produce application maps through a quick wizard menu and send maps directly to your contractor. All the data is password protected and the mapping functions are both simple to use and easy to view. EssentialsMap will undoubtedly be helpful in managing your soils.

  • Free access to soil sampling customers
  • Simple to use
  • Secure storage of all farm spatial data
  • Storage of cropping history
  • Create and edit own maps relating to field data
  • Easily create pH, Phosphate and Potassium application maps
  • Electronically send files to VR contractor
  • Safe and secure being password protected

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Peter Chapman, South Redbog Farm

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Our EssentialsNet correction service is compatible across multiple brands and machinery. Improve the accuracy of your GPS system and increase efficiency in the field, across all crops and throughout the season.

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