For SoilEssentials it is an extremely exciting phase in our timeline with a launch of our unique online precision platform. KORE delivers hardware, software, consultancy, training, support and research to improve the whole value chain for anything grown on land. It incorporates the very best in technologies from other industries as well as ground breaking research in our own. Every KORE roll out is unique and based around genuinely improving your industry.

A technology hub revolutionising land use

We believe that land management deserves at least the same level of innovation and technology as anywhere else in the economy; That soil, food and fuel are the very stuff of life. SoilEssentials exist in the area where agronomy, software development and engineering collide. This has allowed us to create KORE, a hub that delivers on those technological aspirations.

In KORE we use satellites and crop models, drones and robots, sensors and software to deliver real life solutions to genuine problems; problems like food waste, transparency and trace-ability, resource use and diffuse pollution.

If you are involved in any part of the industries that are managing land then we can help you do your job better.

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Dave Robertson, Stackpole Farms
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Dave Robertson, Stackpole Farms

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New Trimble GFX-750 display

Now available!

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Looking for some new kit? The latest GFX-750 Trimble guidance display and NAV-900 guidance controller builds on a legacy of high-performing, brand-neutral solutions by becoming even easier to use. Talk to us about the display best suited to your needs (Northern UK area) - call 01356 650459.