18 June 2018 Latest from the Directors

Floridian farmers recognise opportunity

We had the great pleasure of hosting a leadership group from Florida this week. This was the 10th rural leadership group from the Wedgworth Leadership Institute in Florida. They had already travelled to Swaziland and for this leg, were meeting farmers and rural businesses in Scotland. I have personally joined…


17 May 2018 Latest from the Directors

Confidence in the economic position of landbased economy

We should never underestimate how important we are and on the flip side how marginalised we have become. Recently at the Oxford Farming Conference Professor Dieter Helm gave a stark reminder of what a small proportion to the economy agriculture and land use provide; how that, in the grand scheme…


05 March 2018 Latest from the Directors

A new ‘silent spring’?

But it’s not the birds that will be silenced, it’s the people. For the last fifty years chemicals and farming have been uneasy bedfellows. Talk to my grandfather’s generation and their introduction revolutionised food production, increasing yields, reducing the risk of disease and helping solve food shortages. But since the…


13 February 2018 Latest from the Directors

The Glyphosate debate

Perhaps the most obvious example of the farming community and the public failing to see eye-to-eye is over the issue of Glyphosate and the recent discussion about banning it. There are many faults in this story. The farming community rightly insist that there is negligible evidence of harm and that…


06 February 2018 Latest from the Directors

They huff and they puff

We have the most amazing opportunity to take a leading role in the world but somehow we find ourselves as both price takers and slaves to legislation and let’s be honest we end up complaining about both facts. Perhaps we should attempt to turn this around. I recently read an…


30 January 2018 Latest from the Directors

Building trust

In the last few months and years our industry has faced some serious and challenging issues driven by public perception rather than hard science. In this and the next few blogs I will argue that we are collectively failing to address the publics concerns in a way that is relevant…


11 January 2018 Latest from the Directors

Embracing Change

Recently I noted that at Agritechnica the UK farmers were not really investing, that they were in a state of uncertainty about the future. This week in Oxford (at the Oxford Farming Conference) you could feel that change. There were many announcements indicating business as usual and funding as usual…


08 January 2018 Latest from the Directors

Notes from Agritechnica – the ‘world’s number 1’

Agritechnica is where the world of agriculture meets and is a great place to take the temperature of European farming. Brexit may not yet have happened but its effects have begun, the atmosphere around European and British farming could not be further apart. While UK farmers are benefiting from a…


21 December 2017 Latest from the Directors

The evolution of the rural worker

When Aiden Turner as ‘Poldark’ first burst onto our screens topless and wielding a scythe, it was so popular in the tabloids, my wife wondered if it might strike a resurgence in a long lost farming skill. Of course, the scything was the last thing they were interested in and…


05 September 2017 Latest from the Directors

The rotten debate that is food waste

Did you know that in 2015 alone, the UK had £13million worth of food waste that could have been eaten? £13 million. It’s horrific, isn’t it and sadly, according to WRAP, the waste and recycling advisory body, any attempts to improve this appear to have stalled. I know myself when I…