The trip includes visits to research organisations including Lincoln University, ¬†Auckland University of Technology, Landcare Research, the Foundation for Arable Research (FAR) and Massey University. He will be talking at the Fertiliser and Lime Research Centre Conference (hosted by Massey University), the use of UAV’s in Agriculture at Auckland University of Technology and will take part in three field days/farmer’s meetings for FAR. Jim’s last visit was two years ago and he has seen great advances in precision farming in New Zealand since his first visit in 2000. One of the highlights for Jim will be at the Fertiliser and Lime Research Centre at Massey University where he will deliver a presentation, after being invited by host (and friend), Angus-born Professor Ian Yule whose mother still lives in Forfar.

Jim speaking at one of three Foundation for Arable Research farmer’s meetings – at Manawatu


09 February 2017 News