Presentations by SoilEssentials staff including Managing Director Jim Wilson, research agronomist Daan Kiezebrink, data analyst Thomas Scobie and research associate Malte Launspach gave the visitors an insight into the work currently being undertaken by the company. An overview of Soil Sampling and EMI scanning, yield monitoring, yield data analysis, mapping, spatialised cereal crop models and current research projects completed the programme.

Jim Wilson says “We very much enjoy the opportunity to share our expertise and discuss new technologies in our sector and hope that what our Danish visitors have heard today gives them inspiration and food for thought for the future.”

The Danish contingent arrived in Edinburgh on Sunday and as part of their overall visit they have also spent time with SAC Consulting and the James Hutton Institute.

SEGES is a limited partnership company and the main supplier of professional knowledge for the agricultural professions in Denmark and work within all areas of farming and in close cooperation with universities, ministries and professional and industrial bodies.

30 September 2015 News